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12 Effective Remedies To Remove Pimples Overnight

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Do you want to eliminate pimples? Are they making you miserable? It's time to stop worrying about it, with this great list of 12 natural remedies you will say goodbye to pimples in no time.
But, first of all, let's learn about the types of pimples and what causes them.

The quicklier you handle pimples the better because you stop them from spreading. But if you neglect your pimples they can give you skin scars that are pretty stubborn to eliminate.

Causes of Pimples:

1- Dead Skin:

 Dead skin cells can block the pores which may cause pimples.

2- Physical changes and stress:

Particularly for teenagers who undertake physical changes during this period.

3- Bacteria:

The sebum gets stored behind the jammed pores. And when the circumstances are proper it can lead to skin inflammation.

4- Testosterone:

According to researchers at the Washington school of medicine, people with skins predisposed to acne are usually so sensible to testosterone.

5- High Glycemic Iindex  Foods and Dairy Products:

Investigations showed that diets that are composed of high glycemic index foods and high on sugar beverages can definitely cause pimples.

6- Makeup:

It's really essential to remove makeup before going to bed. You must also avoid applying heavy makeups and go for natural solutions because chemicals can also induce pimples.

Types of Pimples

There are 4 main types of pimples and understanding them will assist you to remove them

1- Whiteheads:

They occur on an oily skin and they particularly have white spots.

2- Blackheads:

They are generated especially by dead skin and bacteria when the core of the pores is pushed out.

3- Pustules:

This is mainly caused by infections which cause inflammation.

4- Cysts

How to get Rid Of Pimples Overnight?

1- Calamine Lotion:

You want to let your skin breathe by cleaning it every day before heading to bed.
Use the calamine lotion on the affected areas and keep it on your face overnight. Then rinse your face and you'll be very satisfied with the outcome.

2- Honey:

Honey is an excellent natural antibiotic and it is very well-known for its outstanding beauty benefits, just use some of it over your pimples and when it gets dry wash it off using water and witness the enchanting effects of honey on your pimples.

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3- Cinnamon and Honey Mask:

4- Ice:

Highly handy for immediate relief from itchy pimples, just cover an ice cube in a clean piece of cloth and use it on your pimples.


Toothpaste way works as a rapid method to dry and then eliminate the pimple. White toothpaste includes ingredients such as hydrogen peroxidebaking soda and triclosan which help in battling acne whereas gel based toothpaste includes ingredients that may hurt the skin.

6- Basil Leaves:

This a truly efficient home remedy to eliminate pimples, and the fruit is noticeable in just a day. Just put a few basil leaves in moderately warm water for about 20 minutes and clean your face and apply the extracted liquid with the aid of a cotton ball before heading to bed. Wash it off in the next morning.

7- Orange Peel:

This is an excellent remedy due to vitamin C and its acidity which is known to fight pimples.

Begin by washing your face with warm water to aid to dilate the pores. Then smoothly rub the orange peel on the affected skin areas, seek to utilize separate peels for each pimple to avoid bacterial infection.

8- Papaya:

Papaya will assist you to get rid of dead skin cells and the extra layer of oil from the skin.

Use mashed papaya on your face and keep it for 15 minutes and then clean it off. You can use a moisturizer after the cleaning to hydrate if your skin get dry.

9- Banana Peel:

Bananas have a strong antioxidant called lutein that enhances the growth of healthy cells, decreases inflammation, and eventually cures pimples

Apply the peel to your face in a circular motion to get rid of the discomfort  and redness generated by pimples, and then keep it for 30 minutes then wash it off

10- Aloe Vera:

11- Garlic:

It's well-known for its anti-bacterial qualities that aid heal pimples. But you have to make sure you don't put garlic directly on your skin.

Extract the garlic juice and  blend it with water, then let it soak for a couple of  minutes and finally apply it to the affected areas.

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12- Lemon:

As you can see, these are many useful ways to eliminate pimples overnight that you can easily try at home rather than applying acne creams available in the markets. If the acne insists you should visit a doctor and get a proper medication. Treat acne immediately to get a flawless skin. Eat healthier and most importantly keep yourself hydrated to say goodbye to pimples and say hello to a beautiful glowing skin.

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