Thursday, October 15, 2015

4 Key Exercises For Killer Legs

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Want to make your legs look strong and sexy? Try these 4 essential exercises.

Why do we gain weight on our legs?

Bad news first: the thighs and butt are the prime fat-storage sections for women. When you lose fat, this is normally the last place it comes from. The good news is that most guys I know so far love curves — so rock what you got.

Love Your Legs Workout

The four exercises for awesome legs

With that great motivation, here is what you want to do to get sexy and strong legs:

1. Squats: You were sure I was going to write this, didn’t you? It’s nearly become a clichĂ©. The reason why is because they are outstanding. Being capable of doing that properly not only makes those legs look better, it makes your complete body more strong from head to toe.

2. Dead lifts: This is an old-school, bad-ass, hardcore kind of lifting I want you to go for. This one and squats both actually need a proper technique to obtain the benefits and prevent eventual injury.

3. Lunges: There are many different ways to do these, and mixing them up is always excellent. Again, a great trainer can teach you a variety of kinds of lunges.

4. Calf raises: There are many different ways to performing these as well. You can sit in a machine, stand in a machine, stand on a step and just do 1 leg with your body weight while carrying a railing, or perform that last one with a dumbbell in the opposite hand for added weight. They are all great.

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