Thursday, October 15, 2015

5 Huge Mistakes People with Oily Skin Should Avoid

No matter your skin nature, you've apparently had some concerns with breakouts and pores. But when it comes to handling oily skin, you’re possibly dealing with more than a shiny nose. Oil flare-ups can start acne and clogged pores, notably if your cleansing practices aren't in check. Plenty oil production can be created by many things from stress to weather and even your menstrual cycle. The hormone DHT triggers your glands to deliver more sebum and a spike in this hormone leads to an oily and slick surface. But there is still some chance of success and recovery. Avoid making these 5 oily skin blunders and you also can have a pure face.

1. Being afraid of oil
Not all oils are similar. Don’t be scared of the word “oil” in certain lotions, creams and moisturizers. Argan and Jojoba oils are utilized in plenty of products to aid with nourishing benefits and are non-comedogenic, so they are allowed.

2. Using harsh cleansers
Products like alcohol-infused and astringents cleansers can disturb the skin which can lead to acne. Apply a foaming gel cleanser that includes salicylic acid and check that it is sulfate-free to eliminate any further dryness or irritation.

3. Exfoliating too much
Physical exfoliation, like utilizing a facial brush or utilizing a scrub with micro beads, can be quite harsh on the skin — and doing such a thing more than once in a week will make your skin go insane. Avoid the scrubbing completely and apply a chemical exfoliant that has BHAs and AHAs for a soft and more efficient result.

4. Missing out on makeup
Cosmetics are entertaining and oily skin is no apology to skip them. All you have to do is to shop cleverly: Search for makeup products that are oil-free and include salicylic acid, which encourage the elimination of any build-up in pores — and clean your face before bed.

5. Not using moisturizer
We get that you presumably don’t see the necessity of adding a layer of hydration to your skin, but it’s no justification to write it off. Skin cells require water to live and stay healthy, so it’s vital to add that hydration and don't forget to seek for a formula that is light and oil-free or non-comedogenic.


  1. Thank you!! I do have oily skin.

  2. Why does this not say to use sunscreen? Always use sunscreen on your face, especially when using AHA/BHA or salicylic acid!